What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) allows you to create virtual machines based on one physical server that emulate a separate physical server. Each of these machines has guaranteed system resources, an isolated file system, root access, a dedicated IP address, and the ability to install almost any software.

      If we compare with housing, then VPS is an analogue of an apartment in a multi-storey building, where there are all the necessary amenities and there is no need to share them with neighbors.

      We recommend this type of hosting to websites with high traffic or with a large amount of data, as well as web projects with non-standard software configuration.

         Get the Best VPS Server Hosting in Canada from HostZealot

      It is worth noting that if you choose VPS hosting service in Canada from HostZealot, you are guaranteed to get a dedicated virtual server that has the following characteristics:

      1. Choosing Canada VPS, you receive guarantees of safety and quality

      2. 24-hour security is provided in the data center using the CCTV closed-circuit video surveillance system

      3. Special tanks with diesel fuel for generators (over 168,000 liters) guarantee uninterrupted power supply

      4. The presence of a Meet-Me-Room gateway room and 25 access points using high-speed fiber-optic communication lines provides reliable access to the Internet.

      5. The equipment located on our website in the data center in Toronto (Canada) is completely the property of the company, which allows you to set more attractive and flexible tariffs, and also provides quick access to the server.

      6. Hosting in Canada is primarily the legal minimization of the risks of illegal access to confidential customer information.      Choosing a VDS hosting service in Canada, you get the best value for money, combined with the highest reliability! Among the presented tariff plans, you will probably be able to choose the best option for yourself. Make your business thrive with HostZealot!