What is the RouteGenie?

The statistics say that several million Americans can’t get to the medical center to receive the service every year. For this reason, many companies deal with transportation elderly and people with disabilities. NEMT companies try to make their projects even more effective in order to reduce expenses, fasten trips, and make customers satisfied. In such cases, they are assisted by brokerage companies that monitor performance and draw up a development plan for the company. RouteGenie is a powerful NEMT software, which provides a large list of services for comfortable transportation. We will help ease the burden of scheduling, routing, dispatching, and billing your trips!

What services will you get?

  • We will help you find the right transport. The choice of transport directly depends on the needs and wishes of the client. In addition, the choice depends on the qualifications of the driver and his capabilities;
  • Optimization of routes for drivers with new technologies and an application where you can track customer requests, contact dispatchers in case of emergency, will help you get to your destination faster and reduce costs;
  • The optimized system of routes gives another privilege – the lack of unnecessary drivers and trips. It means that your costs for fuel and maintenance will be lower;
  • RouteGenie defines the capacity of each transport in order to save time and labor;
  • Forget about paper documentation. RouteGenie maintains a complete database of clients, drivers, and vehicles. You can communicate with clients in real-time, answer their questions and complaints;

Without the proper technology, NEMT businesses regularly face various issues. RouteGenie has a lot of advantages that improve the performance of NEMT companies. Our non-emergency medical transportation software offers a reliable feature list with customization options to set your business needs. It makes your project better and efficient. Contact us!