VPS Hosting Guide: What is VPS?

VPS Hosting Guide: What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service where the user is provided with a virtual server with maximum privileges. VDS or VPS emulates the operation of a real physical server – there is root access, it is possible to install your own operating systems and software. A single physical server usually runs several independent virtual servers.

      Benefits of VPS and Dedicated Services in Cyprus

      Pros of using VPS and dedicated services in Cyprus compared to shared hosting:

•         Full control: the owner of the virtual dedicated server gets root (for Unix) or Administrator (for Windows) access rights, and can fine-tune the server to fit the needs of a particular project up to installing the necessary software and changing the operating system.

•         Minimum restrictions: the number of created sites, databases, domain zones, ssh-FTP-email-users is limited only by server resources.

•         Independence: virtual servers “neighbors” on the host machine work in isolation and do not “steal” resources from each other, and also use separate IP addresses, while in a regular virtual hosting several sites often use the same IP address.

      For Whom And When Is VPS Cyprus Best Suited? A VPS Cyprus is ideal for sites that exceed the capabilities of conventional hosting, high-load network services, as well as for software design, development, and testing. Corporate projects with increased requirements for security and data confidentiality are also based on virtual dedicated servers – especially this is the case of small companies for which the purchase or rent of a physical server is not available.