Target large audience with fully functional video wall

Target large audience with fully functional video wall
Here is the stunning 9 screen display showcased in the VIA booth. Showing the advanced soolutions offered from VIA Embedded and S3 graphics.

In today’ digital era most of the businesses seek the help of technology for brand awareness and promoting product/service. Video wall technology is becoming immensely popular advertising and marketing tool across the globe as it can instantly grab the attention of anyone in the vicinity with constantly changing content in a giant display consequently enabling businesses to target potential customers effortlessly compared to other digital marketing counterparts. With flexible, easily upgradable and excellent visual performance video wall system every business can conveniently achieve their marketing goals within the short period.

Things to consider

The video wall is a worthy investment that it is incredibly easy to control and required little maintenance. Fully functional video wall consisted of three basic components namely video wall display, video wall controller and video wall software hence when planning to deploy video wall first determine the goal of video wall such as customers’ engagement, communication with the employee, advertisement, control room, entertainment, etc. and then consider the budget. Consider a few factors for getting proper value for money

  • Appropriate location so that customers can easily notice and access
  • Effective and impactful contents
  • Size and configuration of the display with a great aspect ratio
  • Ensure security of the system

Choose the right display

Reliable and experienced video wall system manufacturers offer a wide range of display units of different sizes and resolutions. Most widely used video wall monitors are LCD, direct view LED, blended projection system, rear projection, etc. hence before taking any unambiguous decision be well informed about each one’s advantage and disadvantage in terms of bezels, image retention, vulnerability to ambient light, scalability, reliability, etc. for best outcome and peace of mind.

Go through product details

Either purchasing online or from the physical store, it is a good practice to visit the websites of the reputed manufacturers and get relevant information about features and specification of monitors, processors and wall mount. Evaluate the credibility and performance of the manufacturers and then choose the right video wall system that suits your specific needs.