How to furnish a living room in an abstract style?

How to furnish a living room in an abstract style?

Abstraction is an art that can be understood only by select art lovers.

If you admire different lines and patterns and, if you see in them something more than just geometry, you should furnish your living room in an abstract style. 

Living room abstract paintings set the tone for the room, deepen the color of the walls. If you choose the right painting, which will combine with the interior, the room will look modern and harmonious. The painting should fit the interior and make a bright accent in the living room. Also, you can choose a painting in the same colors, as decor in your living room. In this way, your most visited room will be more attractive. The main thing is to provide the painting with good light to be noticed by your guests because if it is in the shade, people will not notice it. 

What other ways are there to furnish a house in an abstract style?

Furniture is an important part of an abstract interior. It is not difficult to pick it up. As a rule, it has unusual shapes, interesting designs, often geometric. For instance, a carpet can become an abstract style decor. It can distract with its unusual patterns or can be monochromatic and look calm. A carpet may have minimalistic look with different lines, rings, strokes, and geometry. Besides, wallpaper can be an element of abstract decor. Prefer bright wallpaper – just for one wall to make an accent. Also, you can use different paint colors instead of wallpaper. For example, it will be nice to use them for the wall where the sofa is darker. Decor items also play an important role in an abstract style. They may be different geometry compositions, as a vase, candlestick, and lamps of various interesting shapes. If you use wood decor details, it is best to choose them in black and white. Your living room will be comfortable and cozy with them. The next element of the abstract style is pillows. They can be of different shapes and colors and will look pleasant on a light-colored sofa without any drawing. Pillows make the interior with a twist. Moreover, the textile is another element of abstract decor. For instance, curtains make the room look cozy and luxurious at the same time. With them, your living room will look modern. 

You should take two-three tips, no more, everything in moderation.

Abstraction makes us see something beautiful in simple things. It’s great to see various images in abstract paintings every day. Choose what your soul desires.