How to decorate a house in gold?

How to decorate a house in gold?

Would you like to consider your house beautiful? I think the answer is obvious. There are many ways to make a wonderful interior design. You can make it in various styles to be trendy. There are thousands of ideas to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, but… What about the design of gold? A combination of gold and white can make your room like a royal apartment. I‘m sure, after reading this article you will make a design in gold shades! 

First, I can’t forget to tell you about the beautiful gold paintings. Do you agree that such art can change the room very much? They have the ability to affect a person’s emotional state. You can choose gold paintings in various styles, for instance, an abstract. They will seem attractive to you exactly. Once we already told you about choosing a painting.

The best ideas to decorate the house in gold

There are many ideas and we tell you about the best:

  1. The simplest way is paintings. They can be in a gold frame or just in shades of this color. Such paintings make a design more luxurious and cozy, maybe more antique. They suit any style, especially for the Provence. You need to pay attention to this way because gold paintings can really change everything;
  1. Furniture in a gold color can create a royal atmosphere. A luxurious bed with a high headboard in gold looks like in an old film. Gold curtains will attract attention and highlight the room;
  1. Lighting is an important element of the room. It is necessary to put a few lamps and a big chandelier. You can choose them in gold. By the way, lighting makes the room more spacious visually;
  1. You should combine gold with two-three other colors to not overdo it. Don’t use gold and red color at the same time because you have a risk of creating an aggressive atmosphere. Black and gold makes the room luxurious, it looks more expensive and intriguing;
  1. Don’t use a lot of gold because the room will look cheap and with no taste. A few decor items highlight the room perfectly. For example, using some textile elements like pillows or curtains and little statuettes, vases and photo frames will be a great idea;
  1. Gilded porcelain is another way to complement the decoration. Such accessories play an important role in vintage and antique styles of interiors

These are the simple ways to furnish your house in gold. You got knowledge of the main rules to decorate the house. Happy choice!