Facilities Maintenance Improved by Communications

Facilities Maintenance Improved by Communications

One of the main ways to improve facilities maintenance is through effective communication. There are plenty of options that can help improve communication, so that time can be spent on important tasks.

Cloud Storage Platforms

You can find many options for cloud storage that facilities leaders can take advantage of. These platforms help keep everything in one central location, so it’s easy to see status updates, work orders, and equipment serving history. If a technician or someone else wants to see some of the information, all they have to do is log in through the Internet.

Some popular programs include SharePoint, IM applications, Google Docs, and Dropbox. SharePoint allows facility leaders to communicate quickly and have micro websites set up for specific projects. They can also use it to have surveys to get suggestions from employees on how to improve processes. Apps for instant messaging also help grab attention quicker than an email, making communication fast and efficient. Managers can check in with technicians and get answers almost instantly. Google Docs is a powerful tool for project management in real time. The platform provides document sharing and editing, and there are many different types of businesses that use it. Organizations can use it for spreadsheets, presentations, text documents, and more. Dropbox continues to operate in the background on a computer, so users sync files without even thinking about it. You can share and store pictures, documents, presentations, and videos, making it easy for everyone to have access to the same documents and be on the same page.

Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, do more than just make phone calls. When these devices connect to the Internet or company network, they can distribute your information in just a few seconds and help replace paper and pen, which offers more conveniences. You can also use mobile devices for cloud storage and other apps that have already been mentioned.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Many facilities like this software because it’s good for work orders and maintenance management projects. However, it can be used as a communication tool as well. Use this software to help with service request management, so a facilities maintenance leader is not wasting an entire day asking about service request updates and additional clarifications. With automatic communication, requests can be entered and you can monitor work progress. Members of the team can also document service request history, and view open requests and work orders to reduce the chance of redundant requests. This software also helps with project management since every task, even a small one, is a project in its own. For larger tasks, managers may have to stay on top of resources, which can be especially difficult if a project has multiple locations and has many people working on it. Another benefit of a CMMS is that it helps with maintenance schedule monitoring and allows to check on future preventive maintenance. It can also alert the team by sending notifications in advance. This way, leaders can assign the work and order any parts in time. This allows technicians to easily plan priorities and avoid doubling up on their workload.

Other advantages of a CMMS include cost reduction, inventory and asset management, workflow improvements, and better tracking and reporting.